A new paradigm in scouting.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Derives, Hikes, Quests, Journeys and Walkabouts

Start by Walking
One of the most common forms of art collective or scout collective activities is that of walking around a place as an activity. Walks come in all shapes, sizes and forms. But every once in a while, scouts or artists will invent new ways of walking that completely rewrite the paradigm of walking activities.

The derive was originated by an art collective called Situationist International. They are mostly anarchists interested in redefining the way humans exist through the reworking of systems. One of their methods of doing so is called the derive. It is a form of walking that reroutes the city or urban space by constructing rules of movement, or purposefully placing walkers in unfamiliar spaces, so they must readjust and thus can experience a familiar city as if it were new, or if the space were indeed unfamiliar, a vertigonous sense of wonder was achieved.

A common practice in scouting is the hike. A hike is a rural activity, usually in the wilderness, mountains, woods, or even on formally set apart hiking paths. It is a great way to get out there and experience nature. Equipment ususally becomes important for hikes, becuase they are done in the wilderness. Hikers must often carry their own water or food. Hiking produces a sense of self-awareness and independence, and for some even a deep sense of being at one with nature.

Quests are a very special form of both hiking, the derive and traveling. Quests are initiated when there becomes a dire need for someone or a small band of people to venture off into the unknown to either collect something from an unknown realm or to return something that belongs in an unknown realm. Often times it is advisible to quest with a group. When a group of organisms decide to embark on a quest, that group is called a fellowship, and there are several ways that fellowships can be organized.

Journeys are introspective quests, usually without destinations. They can be anywhere from millions of light years in length to a simple vision or dream. Journeys are perhaps the most misunderstood of all movement oriented activity, and it takes a very learned journeyperson to explain the uniqueness of journeying.

Walkabouts are a type of movement in space that can be a quest, a journey, an expedition, or even a hunting party. The one thing that makes a walkabout unique though is that those on walkabout use a pyschogeographic pivot. That is, they are never lost, because of a telekenetic connection point they have at their home, which stays with them for the length of their walkabout.


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