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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Merit Badges, Insignias, Medals, Patches and Other Forms of Demarcation

Merit Badges
Merit badges are probably the easiest way for pata-memetic scouting groups and scouting collectives to materially award themselves for activities. Merit badges are especially useful because they indicate a specific set or singular activity that does not imply rank, but rather symbolizes accomplishments. In the end, merit badges offer a way for collecting the physical presence of previously performed activities and a chance for the scout to discuss how, who, where and what for their earning of that particular merit badge. Merit badges can also be continuously invented and reinvented for performances of hybrid activities or for a melange of interests and studies.

Insignias are demarcations which set a person within the democratic strictures of a particular sub-set within a culture. Within the organizational models of pata-memetic scouting, insignias simply designate a certain set of temporary or semi-temporary identities. Say, if a meme-scout is temporarily working under the structure of being a bricoleusse or a transhuman--an insignia is a way to display for the whole world to see, the various sets of memetic strategies that one is holding firmer to at that given point in time.

Medals are awarded to those who have perfomed completely selfless acts. The medal is an honor bestowed on people after such heroic performances. In a way the medal is a memory model that can be a sign of the appreciation others have for your efforts, actions and various other performances.

Patches, writ large are symbols of literally anything. The patch is a good way to display memetic strategies or to symbolize the interests of any one particular scouting collective. They can be commemorative, decorative, instructive, confrontational, and even didactic. Anything goes with patches, they are a great way to express one's self, or to express a larger form of togetherness, that of a group think, meta-meme or meme-plex, such as identity affiliations or belief structures, or significance sectors within cultures and societies. Patches are an especially valuable tool for those engaged in counter-culture or alternative culture strategies.

Other Forms of Demarcation
To these ends various forms of demarcation can be used in scouting collectives for any means or purposes the collective qualifies as necessary. In a perfect world, these decisions would be made unanimously and democratically, and without any form of divination or divine intervention. Demarcations are human enterprises that are ways we award or reward others for accomplishments and achievements. In pata-memetic scouting, research, body knowledge and adventures are all equal and play a significant role in the development of those involved in the activities of autonomous scouting collectives.


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