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Monday, April 17, 2006

Antics, Hoaxes, Capers, and Other Various Operational Strategies for Disguise

Memetically speaking antics are a set of behaviors one uses to form performances of personality. Learning to cultivate a strong sense of antics, or how to give the illusion of confusion of antics helps the meme-scout spread memes more effectively in the larger scheme of things, and creates a firmer, more clear base from which to ride memetic strategies with.

Hoaxing is one of the most exquisite forms of trickery from which to set memetic strategies loose from. Most hoaxers, as they are called, are conscious of the fact that they are fooling people, usually towards auto-advantageous ends. A good hoax is one that is not easily detected. Falsified findings of reputable organizations is one thing, but exposing spiritualism, by performing hoaxes on hoaxers in gloriously pata-memetic.

The caper is a long and complex set of antics and hoaxing. It is what an opera or musical is to a sing along song. The scope of a well executed caper can be just as enthralling as a lunar landing. Capers are built around notions of alter-egos, secret identities, and meme-riding. It is really only the territory of truly experienced meme-rider of meme-scouts to pull off a successful and interesting caper. Legality issues become less significant when dealing in the realm of capers because of the sheer artistry of a good caper. It is not illegal, it is extreme aesthetic behavior being done for the betterment of the whole wide world.

Other Various Operational Strategies for Disguise
We live in a time of punctums. It is exceptionally difficult to figure out what is what and who is really who. Multiple and altering identities are more common today than ever in human history. We also live in a time where humans are on the thresholds of evolving beyond the human paradigm. The question of who we are is ultimately unanswerable one. The one thing we can remain certain and true to is how we disguise ourselves. There are an infinite amount of ways and varieties of doing so, and it is part of pata-memetic scouting to continually invent and reinvent modes and operational strategies for disguise.


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